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Integrative EMDR Consultation Services

Are you feeling confused in your EMDR work?
Are you not getting positive results with your clients?

Do you want more support learning creative techniques using EMDR? 

I worked for years in nonprofit settings and now in private practice providing EMDR to children and adults who had experienced body assault and chronic disempowerment. Often times, I see the barriers to good outcomes with EMDR are our assessment of client readiness and case conceptualization. I bring together a multitude of frameworks including Somatic Experiencing, Internal Family Systems, existentialism and work by Carl Jung, mindfulness, and spirituality. 

My EMDR Journey (hopefully you can relate)
When I first learned EMDR, I was so excited and felt I had learned something really powerful that I took every chance to utilize it. I thought, "if I could just get through the standard protocol and check off top disturbing memories then I will have support someone's life to completely change!" My eagerness was well intended, but it certainly got me into the "rescuer" role of the drama triangle. My determination to get through the protocol overshadowed warning signs that clients were not set up to successfully get through it. My idea of healing got really narrow. I thought if I couldn't get through the protocol then I was a failure.
After some experience, I found creative ways to meet people where they were at. 


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